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Listen first, speak second.


To see people achieve their own dreams.


  • Embrace the ripple effect
  • Grow community – feed a tribe
  • Make a difference

Michael Delport – Biography

Founder & Director

Michael’s passion is people.  Seeing them succeed in business and life is the pinnacle.


Having done the hard yards for over 25 years, Michael has learnt the lessons that failure, hard work and persistence have to offer, which makes the successes even sweeter and his advice so valuable. His leadership skills, strategic insight and entrepreneurial prowess have been sharpened over time giving him a business skill set which is proven and astute.


Michael holds an Executive Masters in Business Administration and a Diploma of Financial Planning.


Michael and his wife, Vicki have been married for over 30 years and as parents, are thrilled to see their two children pursuing their own careers in law and engineering.


Away from the office Michael and his wife Vicki enjoy the classroom of cinema and travel – the culture, language, cuisine, geography and the people.


Michael is a keen squash player and runs to keep fit.  Over the years some of his more memorable runs have included the New York Marathon, Auckland half marathon, Gold Coast half marathon and the Bridge to Brisbane.


Whether through his business interests or with mates (Elite Athletes), Michael has engaged the belief that it’s not just a corporate responsibility to give back but also a personal commitment to live a life that improves those of others. We are blessed to be a blessing.


A summary of some of our charitable giving is as follows:

A few years back Michael and four mates got together and formed a group called the Elite Athletes. They keep each other accountable with health and fitness, setting themselves annual lifestyle goals. They try to meet and train weekly and over the years have run half marathons in various countries together, climbed mountains and gotten dirty in Tough Mudders.


More recently they decided they wanted to make a difference where they could in the local community. As a result, they now organise annual Gala Dinners to support Teen Challenge, an organisation that makes an invaluable contribution to at risk people in our communities.


Pictured are some of the memories these “Athletes” have made together.

Elite Athletes’ Teen Challenge Gala Dinner

Elite Athletes camping at Mt Kosciuszko

Our Team

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins talks about “getting the right people on the bus… and in the right seats”. We have a great team at GASP and everybody on our bus is highly valued and appreciated. Each person plays their part superbly.

Our team at GASP Australia is always here for you. Don’t dream it – live it!

Ingrid Mitchell

Office Manager & Personal Assistant

Ingrid has been with the company since 2011. She came onboard in the capacity of part time Bookkeeper. As opportunity presented itself, she moved into a managerial position which sees her skill set better utilised. Having served in multiple roles within the company her experience and knowledge is extensive.


Ingrid’s calm and friendly personality grounds our team. Her drive for professional efficiency and desire for superior customer service reinforces our company’s vision. Your experience with GASP matters.


In her down time, you can find her somewhere in the great outdoors usually cycling on her road bike or MTB. Recently she completed her first ultra trail run (52kms) in the beautiful heritage listed Washpool National Park, NSW.


Ingrid is a valued member of our team.

Nancy Gao

Company Accountant

Nancy joined our team in September 2016. As Company Accountant, Nancy overseas a wide variety of inter company projects and entities where her ability to prioritise multiple tasks to completion excels.


Her love of organisation and precision allows her to shine as the specialist link between Director and various Managers, as she delivers a seamless business relationship that strengthens our overall team. Always looking for ways to implement better practices, it is reassuring to know that her department depicts a clear and accurate picture of how our business is travelling.


Away from the office Nancy enjoys travelling with her young family, having recently enjoyed a trip to Japan. Other hobbies include badminton and jogging.


With a great sense of humour and zeal for life, Nancy is a great fit with our company and culture.

Monique Farbrother

GASP Café Manager

Monique is the most recent addition to the GASP team, joining us in August 2017. Bringing with her a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector, our customers and the cafe have felt the refreshing wind of change.


Her signature creative flare is applied to everything she does. The cafe delivers fresh and healthy options that are quick and tasty! Building on what has already been established as an exciting destination; Monique is looking forward to growing community for all that walk through the GASP Cafe doors.


When Monique sheds her cafe blacks you’ll find her submersed in colour doing what makes her spirit sing. This includes being actively involved in spending quality time with her family, enjoying outdoor activities, particularly surfing with her daughter which makes her happy.