GASP Australia | Coaching
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I attended Michael's 2 day property seminar and found his content and knowledge was fantastic. Michael is very down to earth and happy to share his experience and expertise. Highly recommended!

- Brent Thrush

Wealth Coaching

Ready for your next step…. but not sure what it is?!


Over 3 strategic appointments, 1 to 1 Wealth Coaching with Michael sets you on a path to see your goals realised.


First appointment – is usually held in your own home. Crucial information is gathered and an overall picture of who you are, as a person or a couple, and what you want to achieve starts to emerge.


Second appointment – is held in the GASP offices usually a week to ten days later as collaboration. Multiple ideas and options are workshopped and a clearer direction begins to appear.


Third appointment – the ACTION PLAN. If required, a referral to a particular specialist can also be recommended. Your enthusiasm for success needs to be safeguarded by responsibility. Prime example…. if you NEED a Will, you will need to visit a Lawyer.


Whatever your wealth goals may be, we can help you achieve them in the most streamlined and cost effective manner.

Business Coaching

Faced with a Challenge…. and need a Solution?!


Clients bring Michael into their business or workplace when faced with a particular challenge that requires a solution.

Additionally Michael can assist in designing Business Plans through a canvas style collaboration which includes.


• Full Overview
• Goals
• Focuses
• Value Proposition
• Put steps in place to implement


Speak with Michael to reveal step by step strategies and turn your business from ordinary to extraordinary today.

Ideation | Brainstorming

Need Fresh Ideas…. New Inspiration!


From innovation to development to actualisation, Michael will lead you into a creative field where no idea is a bad idea.


Ideation is the formation of ideas or concepts. It is part of the Design Thinking Process and is a wonderful tool to implement when vision or direction sometimes wains.

Time to put your green hat on!


Come on a journey with your key people to explore new ideas and obtain fresh vision.

A Wealth of Experience

Michael’s professional background…..


In March 1990 Michael joined AMP as an Insurance Agent & shortly thereafter started his Diploma in Financial Planning (RMIT) which led to him operating as Certified Financial Planner (Retired CFP & lifetime member of FPA).

In the late 90’s Michael had the experience of his first Property Development which gave him the confidence to then take on more & bigger projects. As a result of the experience gained form Financial Planning & Property Development, Michael decided in 2010 to focus on being a Wealth Coach so he could offer Generic Advice with a holistic approach to an individual’s situation.

5+ Years of Wealth Coaching & Mentoring
15+ Years in Property Development
25+ Years in the Financial Services Industry