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I attended Michael's 2 day property seminar and found his content and knowledge was fantastic. Michael is very down to earth and happy to share his experience and expertise. Highly recommended!

- Brent Thrush

Wealth Coaching

Ready for your Next Step…. but not sure what it is?!


Over 3 strategic appointments, 1 to 1 Wealth Coaching with Michael sets you on a path to see your goals realised.


First appointment – is usually held in your own home. Crucial information is gathered and an overall picture of who you are, as a person or a couple, and what you want to achieve starts to emerge.


Second appointment – is held in the GASP offices usually a week to ten days later as collaboration. Multiple ideas and options are workshopped and a clearer direction begins to appear.


Third appointment – the ACTION PLAN. If required, a referral to a particular specialist can also be recommended. Your enthusiasm for success needs to be safeguarded by responsibility. Prime example…. if you NEED a Will, you will need to visit a Lawyer.


Whatever your wealth goals may be, we can help you achieve them in the most streamlined and cost effective manner.

Business Coaching

Faced with a Challenge…. and need a Solution?!


Clients bring Michael into their business or workplace when faced with a particular challenge that requires a solution.

Additionally Michael can assist in designing Business Plans through a canvas style collaboration which includes:


• Full Overview
• Goals
• Focuses
• Value Proposition
• Put steps in place to implement


Speak with Michael to reveal step by step strategies and turn your business from ordinary to extraordinary today.

Ideation | Brainstorming

Need Fresh Ideas…. New Inspiration!


From innovation to development to actualisation, Michael will lead you into a creative field where no idea is a bad idea.


Ideation is the formation of ideas or concepts. It is part of the Design Thinking Process and is a wonderful tool to implement when vision or direction sometimes wains.

Time to put your green hat on!


Come on a journey with your key people to explore new ideas and obtain fresh vision.

A Wealth of Experience

Michael’s Professional Background….


In March 1990, Michael joined AMP as an Insurance Agent and shortly thereafter started his Diploma in Financial Planning (RMIT) which led to him operating as a Certified Financial Planner (Retired CFP & lifetime member of FPA).


In the late 90’s, Michael successfully completed his first Property Development which gave him the confidence to then seek out bigger and more complex projects.


As a result of the experience gained from Financial Planning and Property Development, Michael decided in 2010 to focus on being a Wealth Coach so he could offer Generic Advice with a holistic approach to an individual’s situation.


This change has definitely proved to be a step in the right direction, with Michael successfully assisting countless couples and individuals, enabling them to turn their dreams into reality.

5+ Years of Wealth Coaching & Mentoring
15+ Years in Property Development
25+ Years in the Financial Services Industry