GASP Australia | Mentoring/Consultancy
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I attended Michael's 2 day property seminar and found his content and knowledge was fantastic. Michael is very down to earth and happy to share his experience and expertise. Highly recommended!

- Brent Thrush


Mentoring is a master class for those looking to take the next step in their own property development. The Monthly Mentoring is interactive and discussion based where people can come along, meet with a select cohort of like-minded people to become better equipped and to remain motivated in order to achieve their dream.


To sign up for the Mentoring program, participants need to have completed the ‘Getting Started in Property’ workshop. (The only pre-requisite.)

Mentoring Membership Options

Option One — PAYG Monthly Mentoring & Consultancy

What is Available:


  • Monthly meetings (10 per annum), $33 per month (per person)
  • Repeat workshops — $77 per day (per person)
  • Consulting — $385 per hour
  • Wealth coaching & wealth plan — Value $3,300
  • Bonus workshop days — $990 per day (per person)


Option Two — 12 Month Mentoring Membership

What is Included:


All of the above (as per PAYG option) PLUS

  • Availability for Michael to advise on projects
    (via email or over a coffee)
  • Work with you on your project (keep you accountable)


Project based and valued at over $16,500

Increase YOUR chances to succeed. Learn from OTHER people who have already done it.
Learning from someone who wants you to grow.

Individual/Group Mentoring

Are you Hungry for More? Do you Value Personal Growth?


If you’re hungry for more, value personal growth and are keen to surround oneself with like-minded people… the Mentoring group is for you!


The Monthly Mentoring group has come about after people completing our Getting Started in Property seminar asked: “what’s next”?!


Based on real-life case studies or current relevant “hot topics” the inference of the group is on business and property but not exclusively.


Attendance of the GSIP Seminar is not currently a prerequisite but is preferred.


*** DISCOUNT – Getting Started in Property attendees receive a discount on Monthly Mentoring.


Consultancy is offered to past students that have completed our webinars and/or Getting Started in Property workshops. The Getting Started in Property workshop and webinar is a prerequisite to gain access to Consultancy with Michael Delport.


Michael will be available to offer you consultancy with your next project and help mentor and provide advice to get your next property development underway.


Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you with your next Property Development.

5+ Years of Wealth Coaching & Mentoring
15+ Years in Property Development
25+ Years in the Financial Services Industry

A Wealth of Experience

Michael’s Professional Background….


In March 1990, Michael joined AMP as an Insurance Agent and shortly thereafter started his Diploma in Financial Planning (RMIT) which led to him operating as a Certified Financial Planner (Retired CFP & lifetime member of FPA).


In the late 90’s, Michael successfully completed his first Property Development which gave him the confidence to then seek out bigger and more complex projects.


As a result of the experience gained from Financial Planning and Property Development, Michael decided in 2010 to focus on being a Wealth Coach so he could offer Generic Advice with a holistic approach to an individual’s situation.


This change has definitely proved to be a step in the right direction, with Michael successfully assisting countless couples and individuals, enabling them to turn their dreams into reality.