GASP Australia | Mentoring
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Learning from someone who wants you to grow.

Group Mentoring

Are you Hungry for More? Do you Value Personal Growth?


If you’re hungry for more, value personal growth and are keen to surround oneself with like-minded people… the Mentoring group is for you!


The Monthly Mentoring group has come about after people completing our Getting Started in Property seminar asked: “what’s next”?!


Based on real-life case studies or current relevant “hot topics” the inference of the group is on business and property but not exclusively.


Attendance of the GSIP Seminar is not currently a prerequisite but is preferred.


*** DISCOUNT – Getting Started in Property attendees receive a discount on Monthly Mentoring.

Book Club

JOIN our Business Book Club!


‘New 2018 Initiative’


Applying the 80/20 rule, monthly reads will predominately be Business/Property based.


And because all work and no play is not healthy for anyone, we’ll throw in the odd Life Style and Feel Good/Motivational read to keep things balanced.

GASP Talks

Looking for New Ideas for Business?


This space is for you!


Periodic gatherings hosted at GASP Café to promote networking and strengthening of the local business community.


What’s included in the fee – a guest speaker and a delicious breakfast by GASP Café.


Bring YOUR team – it’s the perfect opportunity for personal and team growth and development.