GASP Australia | Wealth Plan
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Wealth Plan

Engaging an experienced Wealth Coach is a quick and smart way to accelerate your financial potential.


We all want to find the right keys to unlock opportunities that let us live a life we dream of. However, making
decisions on which steps to take or which door to open can be enough to stop us in our tracks.


This is where a Wealth Coach comes in. Engaging Michael’s services, you untap his experience, knowledge and business
acumen. We all have a next step, Michael can help you come up with your Action Plan.


Life rewards action.

Stage 1: Collate & Analyse

Michael likes to come into your home for the first meeting with you. This helps to give him a better
understanding of where your lifestyle is at and what your current circumstances are.


All relevant documentation is then gathered so that Michael can assess precisely where you are at.
Information required: tax returns, pay slips, assets, liabilities, savings (bank statements), loans, credit
card details, budget, insurances, superannuation and your goals.


After this initial meeting, Michael then spends a couple of hours on his own, looking through the
information and familiarising himself with the full portfolio. Michael then imagines himself in
your shoes and looks at the possibilities and the options available.

Stage 2: Present Ideas/Options

Michael then likes to get you to come into his office for a brainstorming appointment, and over a
period of 90 mins – 2 hours, spends time with you going through all of the possibilities and options
available – pros & cons (whiteboard).


The ideas are then left with you to reflect on and decide which way you would like to go. It is important
that you choose which way you would like to go, as you need to own it.

Stage 3: Formulate Action Plan

Once you have decided on the path you want to take, together with Michael (over the phone, via email
or in person) an Action List is formulated listing out the steps that need to be taken by you in order to
achieve the plan you have chosen.


We also then carefully assess whether any specific advice is required from a professional (lawyer,
accountant, financial planner, mortgage writer, real estate agent etc).

The whole process takes between 10 – 15 hours to complete and come up with an Action Plan. Fixed fee is discussed and agreed upon during the Complimentary appointment.

Book Your

  • Complimentary
  • No Obligation
  • 45 Minute Appointment